Jun. 14th, 2013

So, when I was applying to the OPW I tried out two projects: Twisted and Yocto. Twisted was nice and easy to get started on, just clone and start editing, and so I submitted a couple patches during the application process. Several weeks later I'm still trying to get those patches through and they've been back and forth to the reviewers a couple of times. There's a built in lag as it may take reviewers quite a while to send my patches back and then if I'm very busy it takes me a while to revise my patches and send them back to them. Moreover, and this is no surprise, one ticket spawned an additional ticket, and one ticket ramified a bit.

So, the main thing I get out of this articles http://rhaas.blogspot.com/2011/03/welcoming-community.html is that this is not unusual. Now, the author speaks of pain and feelings of rejection when your patch gets criticized in this fashion, but I don't feel any of that. I do feel somewhat amused at the amount of work that is going into some patches that will have so little effect when finally applied, but I believe that the Twisted people are committed to their process, with no exceptions, and I'm happy to be experiencing it all.

One thing I noticed is that my reviewers have all been uniformly formal and polite and that every one has thanked me for my patch (before criticizing it). Now, in the past I've typically developed in environments where I knew all my fellow committers and so my commit messages are habitually terse and entirely technical without any extras as I always had the option to be as formal or polite as I wanted to be in person.

My new resolution: Remember to thank my reviewers for their comments every time I submit a revision. It's no less than they're doing for my patches in the first place.
This is really about Twisted again, but it would be neat if it were possible to keep statistics about the number of revisions between the first patch and the final application. One could look them up and see how one was doing with respect to others, over time, etc. Of course, as time went by, one's patches would become more ambitious, and so the issues that might come up in a review would perhaps be more interesting, and so forth.



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