mulhern_at_yocto ([personal profile] mulhern_at_yocto) wrote2013-06-13 12:14 pm
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I've been wondering recently where the word yocto as in "Yocto Project" might come from and recently I came across it's use as a prefix indicating size.

I can count down by thousands as, "milli-", "micro-", "nano-", and "pico-", but that's as far a I go. However, if you want to go further you can with "femto-", "atto-", "zepto-", and "yocto-". yocto is from the Greek for eight, because it's (10^3)^8, i.e., 10^24. The y was prepended so that there would be some uniformity in the naming scheme. The number nine in Greek is something like ennea, maybe the prefix for 10^27 could be "xena-"?